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Commercial Cleaning

Highly Experienced
Since we began business in 1996 we have worked with a wide variety of businesses such as coffee shops, offices, inner city legal firms, warehouses, retail stores and hairdressers. This is where we built our expertise, our reputation, and our client based as many early have recommended us to other businesses. Read out testimonials.
Highly Trained
We take pride in doing what we do well. Like any job, there are skills and methods that make a big difference to the quality of the job, Julio attends cleaning expos and seminars and frequently tests new products to make sure that we get the best results. Julio also ensures that all team members who come to your business are well trained and understand your requirements.
Customised Service
Because of the range of our experience, we are familiar with most cleaning situations. Of course we recognize that each business has its own requirements and expectations, which we are happy to meet. And because we are committed to keeping up with new cleaning products and techniques, we will constantly look for new ways to do an even better job.
  • Services we provide include
  • > Carpet Cleaning
  • > Floor care (vinyl/concrete floor polish)
  • > Long/short term contract cleaning
  • > Window cleaning, Spring Cleaning
  • > Builders cleaning
  • > Presale or letting Cleaning


    Security Conscious
    We appreciate that letting people come into your business premises, especially when you are not there, requires a good deal of trust - and we never take that responsibility lightly. We are committed to always treating your property with respect and ensuring the security of your premises. We take great care to ensure that keys and alarm codes are kept safe. We also have Public Liability Insurance.